About us


 “Alyaf Abrisham Mahan” company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of polyester staple fiber has been stablished since 2010 with annual capacity of 15000 tones. 
The company’s main products include Cotton type and Solid polyester fibers, made from virgin and recycled materials and in different colors. Since its foundation, the company has made outstanding achievements with its good service, personnel training and strengthened management in order to aim to enhance the products. These features turned the company to a unique branded fibers for customers at every level of the supply chain.
Taking the excelent quality into consideration, final products has applications in the field of spinning and apparel industry, nonwoven industry, carpet industry, upholstery, automotive industry, artificial leather and so on. It is worth noting that, “Abrisham Mahan Delijan” company is a dynamic organization which committed to excellent customer service and works closely with all of its customer partners to ensure that the products and services they offer are precisely matched with the customer’s requirements.